What's On

23/08/2014 to 30/08/2014
The InterAct Youth Arts Festival – run by youth, for youth – has been inspiring young people aged 12 to 21 in the North West for over half a decade. Now in its sixth year, the Youth Forum is proud to present “InterAct’s Greatest Hits”, bringing you the very best of the Festival.
This year, writer Colin O’Donnell (Hollyoaks, Six Degrees) and guests conduct a masterclass on television producing. Together, the experienced team will show what goes into scripting, directing, acting and filming a TV series in this notoriously fast-paced and challenging industry.
The Wolfe Tones have been the corner stone of the Irish folk and ballad scene for 50 years, they have received numerous international awards and citations, and continue to be arguably the most creative and popular folk group of all time. From songs of emigration to patriotic ballads, wherever Irish people gather around the world, you are certain to hear a Wolfe Tones song being sung or listened to.
Join Northern Irish Ben Kelly as he gives you a masterclass on how to make a natural, supported, beautiful sound.
25/08/2014 to 28/08/2014
Welcome aboard! Fresh from BBC Radio 1 involvement, BOUNCE is back for their fifth year with InterAct. Lead by Kwa Daniels, the Bounce Team will ensure you leave no dial unturned as you learn to mix up Rock to Hip Hop, Pop to House music using CD Decks, Record Decks and DJ Performance Technology to explore DJ Techniques.
25/08/2014 to 28/08/2014
Wanna be in a band? Then get in on this gig. The Nerve Centre will mentor you throughout the week to write your own song and rehearse it for public performance. We need a drummer, bass guitarist, lead guitarist, keyboard player and a vocalist - no beginners please, you need to be able to play well and sing. If this sounds like you then let's rock!
30/06/2014 to 04/07/2014
25/08/2014 to 30/08/2014
Kosupure or 'Cosplay' literally means 'costume play' - dressing up as iconic characters often found in manga, anime and comic books as well cult film and TV series. In association with the Millennium Forum’s Head of Wardrobe Helen Quigley, learn to construct designs, cut out patterns and sew using sewing machines resulting in your very own outfit!
27/08/2014 to 28/08/2014
Stephen Carlin, local dancer and founder of Urban Shock Dance Company, will test your ability in Street Dance School 2014. In these dance workshops you will learn a funky routine which will blend urban dance styles of street dance, hip-hop, street jazz, breaking and stepping.
Starring some of your Milkshake favourites this brand new musical spectacular is sure to have children up on their feet and singing at the top of their voices!
27/08/2014 to 30/08/2014
The Walled City Tattoo showcases the best of local and international talent. Now in its 2nd year, the Tattoo will see over 15,000 people flock to the Walled City of Derry~Londonderry in late August. As well as the traditional favorites including the Massed Pipes & drums, Highland & Irish Dancers, The Walled City Tattoo 2014 will be a fast paced show, featuring the world famous motorcycle display team, ‘The Imps,’ as well as rhythmic comedy from Swiss group ‘Starbugs!’