Move D & Space Dimension Controller

Celtronic have a very special party at Sandinos, Derry on 25th November with Move D and Space Dimension Controller playing a 4 hour back to back set.

Move D, aka David Moufang, is one of modern electronic music’s most beloved souls with a long and varied musical history with roots in 60s and 70s jazz, psychedelic, rock, soul and early electronica.

His discography is long and impressive and holds releases on a broad variety of labels such as Source, Modern Love, Workshop, Smallville, Warp, Running Back, Uzuri and Electric Minds among others plus collaborations and involvements in projects like Magic Mountain High (w. Juju & Jordash) and Reagenz (w. Jonah Sharp).

Not one to slack off, his live and dj performances have been on par with (if not superior to) his studio work, pulling from all corners of his diverse catalogue in order to create an experience that attacks the hips and head in equal measure.

His releases touch on house conventions but are delivered in his own inimitable style, leaving everyone – from long time fans to the uninitiated – with their jaws on the floor and their hands in the air.

As Space Dimension Controller, Jack Hamill has cultivated a style of electronic music that is indebted to synth-led cinema scores, the electro-funk rap of Egyptian Lover, the avant-dance of Aphex Twin and the ambient electronic haze of Boards of Canada.
Taking his artist name from a synthesiser, the Belfast-based Hamill conceptualised a character called Mr 8040, a heartbroken sci-fi buccaneer whose time-travelling intergalactic adventures were the framework for 2013’s full-length album Welcome To Mikrosektor-50.
Released on the respected and recently revived Belgian electronic label R&S Records, the album, concept and style of his productions helped Hamill set himself apart from other producers and DJs.

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