“Blood Upon The Rose” makes a welcome return to the city of Derry.

“Blood Upon The Rose” relates the sad and tragic story of Joseph Plunkett and Grace Gifford set against the Easter Rising in Dublin 1916. Plunkett’s love for Grace, immortalised in the song of the same name, comes to a tragic end with his execution in the “Stonebreakers yard” after his marriage to her the previous night in the chapel in Kilmainham jail. The humour, the wit, the passion and the pain are all laid bare in this epic production.
The deep divisions in Irish revolutionary thinking were severely exposed and indeed proved to be a major contributing factor to the military defeat of the rising.

Writer and producer Gerry Cunningham has unleashed an historical masterpiece .

So sit back and let the cast and musicians of the River Tall Theatre Company take you right back to the heart of Dublin 1916.

“The Rising Returns”

*Extra show added: Saturday, 15 October 2022 at 3pm – due to huge demand!

3pm, 8pm

14th October 2022 - 15th October 2022

£19.50 - £28.50

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