Energy Train- DJing Workshop

Participants will learn DJ skills from Oliver Brown and well-known DJ, Kevin Boyle (aka Silver Fox).

Your music, your mixes, learning skills that will allow you to find tunes that connect with your inner rhythm and future dancefloors. Whether you’re DJ’ing for the first time, wanting to rock a party or start your own podcast, Energy Train Tutors will show you how to select and mix the right tune, at the right time.

Ages 12 – 21

This workshop runs over two days Tuesday 19th (11:30am – 1:30pm) & Wednesday 20th July (1pm – 3pm)

Showcase on Thursday 21st July. Time tbc

Tues 11:30am, Wed 1pm

19th July 2022 - 20th July 2022

Free (Booking Required)

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