Written by Lisa McGee
Starring Jamie Lee O’Donnell (Derry Girls) and Jennifer Barry (The Young Offenders)

Girls and Dolls is the stunning debut play from the Writer/Producer of Derry Girls, Lisa McGee.

‘As long as it looks okay, it doesn’t matter if it’s broken.’
Can best friends really last forever?

Derry, 1980. Emma and Clare are thick as thieves – skipping, chasing, playing in the park. But the terrible events of that summer would tear their lives apart, binding them together forever. As adults they obsessively replay past events and incidents. Could anything have been done to change them?

For Emma and Clare it was the summer they met at the swings, the summer they built a tree house and the summer a young mother and her infant daughter moved into number fourteen. Now in their thirties, Emma and Clare struggle to come to terms with the chain of devastating events that began that summer. Hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measure. NB suitable for age 16+

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