Mindful Little Yogis delivers yoga and mindfulness sessions to young people using an inclusive approach. It encourages young
people to explore their natural abilities and creativity in an active and safe way.

The practice is a combination of adapted asanas, neuro sensory techniques, breathing, mindfulness and relaxation techniques to meet the diverse needs of those who attend the sessions. Themes such as strength, balance, resilience, compassion and gratitude will be taught and discussed through music, stories, and games. Tools to manage stress and anxiety will be shared during the sessions to help kids and young people negotiate life’s challenges a little easier. Most importantly, the aim of the sessions is to have as much fun as possible!

There are 3 Mindfullness & Yoga sessions over the Interact festival. Participants can attend 1, 2, or 3 sessions!

Ages 12 – 21

10:30, 3pm (Tuesday)

18th July 2022 - 20th July 2022

Free (Booking Required)

ticket + development fee A £1.50 development fee is included on all tickets. Learn more

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Millennium Forum