The Field

The Field is set in rural Ireland during the mid-nineteen sixties….

“As a patriotic tenant farmer with a fearsome temper and an obsession with the field he has toiled for most of his life, the Bull McCabe epitomises the last stand in the protection of the old order, denying permission of entry to the impending industrial change which threatens the ‘status quo’.”

Based on a true story, this dark and at times, hilariously funny tale, by John B Keane is a work which went on to inspire one of Ireland’s most successful films

This show was originally scheduled for 19th March 2020, then 5th November 2020, then 13th April 2021. If the new date suits, you do not need to contact us. Just make a note of the new date on your ticket. If it does not suit and you would like a refund, please contact