After 46 days on hunger-strike Martin Hurson died on the 13th July 1981. This young Tyrone man from the Cappagh/ Galbally area was the 6th person to die on hunger-strike in Long Kesh following the deaths of Bobby Sands, Francis Hughes, Ray McCreesh, Patsy O’Hara and Joe McDonnell.

Gerry Cunningham ( author of “Blood Upon The Rose”) tells the story of this country lad in a heartbreaking and honest way. There is no happy ending, no fairytale story. Cunningham along with an excellent cast tells it exactly as it was in those very dark days of 1981. The story of Martin Hurson begins with his arrest and brutal interrogation in Omagh Barracks. His eventual sentence and participation in the no-wash protests leads to his joining the 2nd hunger strike in May 1981. This is a hard-hitting story acted out by a brilliant cast with no frills and no sense of triumphalism. It’s a story that could be told, should be told and will be told for future generations to appreciate and understand the horrors of those dark days of our recent past.


7 March 2024 - 8 March 2024


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