In the heart of Northern Ireland, the grip of substance use tightens with each passing day. Lives are needlessly slipping away into something that IS preventable and that IS beatable.

Every part of our society has been affected by the negative impact of substance use at some level – and so every part of society must be part of the response to tackling it. We have to recognise that the concept of recovery isn’t an individual conquest; it’s a collective effort, a shared responsibility.

This September, to coincide with ARC’s #recovertogther campaign, ARC will host Northern Ireland’s largest Addiction Recovery Conference with the aim of celebrating and highlighting the importance of hope and possibility. The purpose of the ‘Recover Together’ theme is to harness the collective and meaningful experiences we all have, and to do OUR part, until every person has access to the resources needed to start their recovery without shame or judgment.

Hear from professionals, academics, and importantly, individuals with lived experience demonstrate that anyone, whatever their past, has the courage and capacity to turn their life around, and achieve great things.

ARC Fitness is a highly reputable and groundbreaking Not-For-Profit addiction recovery organisation based in the Northwest of Ireland. Their innovative approach is rooted in physical activity, professional support, community and importantly, in hope.

ARC work hard, tackling the stigma of substance use enabling individuals and their supporters to improve their mental and physical well-being and reclaim their lives.

9.30am - 4pm

10 September 2024


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Millennium Forum