A series of 3 writing workshops with Gráinne from The WRITE STUFF Kids Club focusing on language: an opportunity to show young people the fun that can be had with words; looking at how language has changed using Friel’s ‘Translations’, Shakespeare’s
‘King Lear’ and poetry from W.B. Yeats and more.

Participants will rewrite in contemporary language from earlier times and write some six-wordstories, descriptive paragraphs and short poems about and using, todays language. Is lol really language? You decide.This is a fun opportunity to encourage young people to really play with words and language and to appreciate language, all its forms and all its changes today- all done in a laid back, non-structured way and fun guaranteed. Let’s play with words this summer at InterAct.

All work will be showcased on ‘Showcase Day’ on Thursday 21st July. Time tbc

Ages 12 – 21

This workshop runs over three days. Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th July 3:30pm – 5pm


18th July 2022 - 20th July 2022

Free (Booking required)

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