Literary phenomenon John Cooper Clarke is a British cult hero. Known as the ‘Godfather of Punk Poetry” and the original people’s poet, John’s cultural influence spans literature, music and fashion. From creating some of the most iconic poetry of the modern era, including the world’s most popular wedding poem  “I Wanna Be Yours” ( recently celebrating over a billion streams in its incarnation as a hit record by the Arctic Monkeys) to sharing his life story through his 120k selling memoir of the same name. John is referenced as a major influence not just by the Arctic Monkeys but also by artists across the globe… As well as musicians like Alex Turner, The Sleaford Mods and Plan B, his legendary number “Evidently Chickentown” plays out in the penultimate episode of The Sopranos. Watching John Cooper Clarke perform is an opportunity to see a living legend at the top of his game.

As relevant and vibrant as ever, John Cooper Clarke’s influence is just as visible in contemporary pop culture, with his trademark ‘look’ resonating with fashion-conscious individuals across all demographics and his poetry features in the UK national curriculum syllabus. Having had a groundbreaking effect on modern music, his influence can be heard within the social observations of the Arctic Monkeys, amongst many others.

His sense of humour resounds throughout his career, and his latest live show is a mix of classic verse, new material, hilarious ponderings on modern life, good honest gags, riffs and chat.

In 2024 John will be celebrating his 75th birthday with a new live tour of the UK’s major cities including a show at the London Palladium as well as at the Lowry Theatre in his native Salford. It’s a chance to see one of the world’s most important and entertaining spoken word artists at his bold and brilliant best.


8th May 2024

£26.00 ; Concessions Available

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