Sponsorship Opportunities

Dementia Tea Dance Opportunity

This is an excellent opportunity to avail of associated branding and publicity in conjunction with our Outreach events.

The partner of the project will enjoy several benefits including;

Branding opportunities, your logo will be added to our website with a hyperlink and included in the sponsor section of our seasonal programme.

Digital adverts on our in house screens and on our e newsletters.

Entertaining, you will have several entertaining opportunities also, with tickets to world class shows to entertain corporate clients or to reward your staff

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Drama Craft, Unleash Your Inner Playwright Opportunity 

Benefits included in this package


  • 12 months digital adverts on 5 free standing screens.
  • Acknowledgement via your logo, in our sponsorship section of our seasonal programme of events, 60,000 copies per annum.
  • Discounted advertising on printed packages.
  • A photograph will be taken and pushed out on our digital channels and may also be used on our Website in the support section. 320,000 visitors.
  • Digital advertising on our newsletter E-zines, 3 times a year.
  • Inclusion in our Access Newsletter, targeting over 600 members.
  • Web site branding/ hyperlink
  • Invite to Millennium Forum events


  • Complimentary tickets for selected Millennium Forum shows and events
  • The Opportunity to apply for match funding from Arts & Business in order to carry out an art or cultural project in association with your Company, terms and conditions apply.
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Opportunity for a 2 year Principal Partner of Comedy in the Millennium Forum

Becoming the Comedy sponsor of the Millennium Forum presents a number of branding opportunities for your company to take advantage of.

  • Your brand will be front and centre at every stand-up comedy night.
  • Your brand will be on our digital screens for the duration of the contract.
  • Your brand will be on our website with hyperlink, over 320,000 unique visitors each year. You will also have advertising opportunities on our e newsletters, we send over 60,000 each month. Your brand will also be on the sponsor section of our seasonal programme, 60,000 printed per annum.
  • We can also assist you with corporate entertaining and staff retention through tickets to world class shows.
  • We would be delighted to have a discussion with your company to see how we can work together to promote both brands through fun filled nights at the Millennium Forum.
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Opportunity to be the Principal Partner of Happy Stage

Branding Benefits

  • 12 months Digital Adverts on our 5 free standing screens, targeting every theatre goer in the Millennium Forum, including Panto and all top shows.
  • You will have space for a banner stand to be placed in the Happy Stage showcases (min of 4 taking place out in the community) and at 50 rehearsals in house in the Forum studio.
  • Acknowledgement via your logo, in our sponsorship section of our seasonal programme of events, 60,000 copies per annum.
  • Acknowledgement in videos with the opportunity for a representative to be recorded showing your support, this will be pushed out on all our Social media platforms.
  • Numerous photos opportunities will be presented including the launch, roll out and community performances. These photos combined with the good news stories showing your support will be taken and pushed out on our digital channels.
  • Your logo on our website with hyperlink.
  • Your support will be highlighted in all correspondence to participants, including emails.
  • Your logo will accompany all call outs, and will be integrated into all promotional material. Including flyers, digital ads, banners with tags to accompany all social media.
  • Inclusion in our Educational Newsletter to educational authorities, teacher forums, youth databases and the Millennium Forum database of 70k subscribers, e newsletters to our business database announcing the partnership.


  • Tickets to selected Millennium Forum shows
  • Complimentary entrance to our Walled City Brewery Speakeasy VIP lounge.
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