Development Donation

The Development Donation is your chance to contribute to the future of the Millennium Forum and to invest in our future development. With your support, we can continue to bring the biggest and best international acts to our stage at competitive prices, ensuring the continued development of the Forum as the premier arts and entertainments venue in the North West.

How does it work?

From 2008 every ticket purchased for any new show became subject to a small premium. All tickets that are printed by the Millennium Forum will include the new price and the words ‘including Development Donation’ (ie £11.00 including Development Donation). £1.50 Development Donation will be included on every ticket.

Do we not already charge additional fees?

Unlike many other venues, the Millennium Forum has never charged any additional fees on its tickets, apart from a contribution for postage when appropriate and a small fee when using a credit card when purchasing online. The Development Donation will be our only addition and we are confident will help maintain the fabric of the building whilst at the same time attract the best national and international acts to the city. We thank all our patrons for their support over the past seven years and look forward to your involvement in our future.