Ed Byrne: Tragedy Plus Time

Attributed to Mark Twain, humour is defined as Tragedy Plus Time. Come and join Ed as he tests that formula by mining the most tragic event in his life for laughs.

Reviews for Tragedy Plus Time:

“Hilarious, extremely dark, profoundly touching and resolutely unsentimental. Ed Byrne has plumbed the very depths of his soul and found something verging on greatness” – ROLLING STONE  (2023)

“This is no misery memoir, Byrne is too talented a comic for that” – THE ARTS DESK

“Poignant, touching, spiky and laugh-out-loud funny… beautifully written and flawlessly performed ” – EDINBURGH REVIEWS (2023)

“he has delivered a fantastically funny and moving monologue where there is no doubt that we are seeing the authentic Ed….Byrne has hit new heights” – LONDON EVENING STANDARD (2023)

“A full range of human emotions, from rage to dark humour to poignancy and back again, is felt during this magnificent comedy hour” – LONDON THEATRE 1 (2023)

“Side-splitting… Byrne is comedy gold” – THEATRE & ARTS REVIEWS

“A fierce tribute… tremendously funny, thoughtful and fond ” – FEST MAG

“Moments switch from dark humour to tear-jerking observations… he manages to make dying and death very funny” – DAILY BUSINESS GROUP

“Touching and inspiring, yes, but funny above all else ” – CHORTLE

“Ed Byrne breaks the five-star rating system to the point where multiples of stars could be added to this review and it will still not be close enough to what he deserves for this show. Nobody is performing or writing stand-up comedy like Ed Byrne… Byrne deserves to get a standing ovation every night for Tragedy Plus Time”  – BROADWAYBABY 

“Masterful… a must-see performance that is both hilarious and deeply moving” – ENTERTAINMENT NOW


“An unexpected rollercoaster of emotions, with joyous high points. An absolute master of observational comedy…. Very funny indeed!” – NORTH WEST END UK


20th June 2024


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