The FUREYS are one of Ireland’s all-time most acclaimed and influential middle of the road, folk and traditional bands. FUREYS classics such as I Will Love You, When You Were Sweet 16, Red Rose Café, Leaving Nancy, The Old Man, From Clare to Here, Her Father didn’t like me anyway and The Green Fields of France have become the soundtrack to the lives of fans all over the world.

The FUREYS will jump at any chance to play… not just on stage. Stories of the band striking up spur of the moment music sessions with fellow music stars who happen to be around are legendary. Joe Dolan, Tom O’Connor, Chris Rea, the Chieftains, Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton are just a few of those who have joined The FUREYS for their spontaneous sessions, each one with a story begging to be told.

The FUREYS are responsible for some of the most stirring music ever to capture the public imagination. Their folk based music has received standing ovations in some of the biggest concert halls of the world and they credit their musical ability to their parents, Ted and Nora, who were well known musicians themselves. They encouraged their sons to play music from a very early age and there was live traditional music in their house almost nightly.

Their emotive songs stir many emotions, tears and laughter, sadness and joy.


4 January 2025


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