Go Art, Go Kart

GO ART GO KART was developed in partnership with Campsie Karting, Millennium Forum and Arts & Business NI.

Over 7 weeks a group of young people were chosen to work to produce a graffiti art, wall mural which measures 50m square by 2 m square, which was then was put on permanent display on Campsie Karting’s indoor race track.  In addition a motorised Go Kart with accessories was customised with graffiti art, and formed a mobile exhibition which went on display in the Millennium Forum.


Objectives and Results

This partnership was a perfect fit as both the Millennium Forum and Campsie Karting are both targeting and trying to grow similar markets (youth market, group bookers and corporate bookers) all whilst reaching into their local community.

The project itself has been designed so that the young people will leave their legacy of graffiti art on the internal walls of Campsie Karting race track. The young artists involved were encouraged to bring their friends and families, to the karting centre to show off their skills and to avail of a complimentary circuit around the track.  This will bring new customers into the Campsie Karting some of which have never been on a race track.

Within the GO ART GO KART project the young artists were able to customise a Go Kart in graffiti art which then be put on display in the Millennium Forum.  Local youth clubs were invited by the Millennium Forum and Campsie Karting to celebrate and photograph the Go kart and the large graffiti art mural on the walls Campsie Karting’s race track.

The project was heavily promoted and received a lot of press, the Mayor of Derry launched the artwork piece, while the digital campaign attached to the display in the Forum had 1000’s of engagements.

Go Art Go Kart