Mentor the Mentor

A project developed in partnership with Ulster Bank, the Millennium Forum and Arts & Business N.I.

The Millennium Forum took some of its members of the Youth Musical production of Cats to engage with the local business community for a unique outreach project.

‘Mentor the Mentor’, in conjunction with Arts & Business and Ulster Bank, provided Ulster Bank staff in Culmore Road the opportunity to learn from young performers on dealing with nerves, performances and pitching, all key skills that are often required in the corporate environment.

Objectives and Results

Ulster Bank wanted to show meaningful help to its local customers are were particularly interested in the youth market, in terms of potential employees of the future and new account holders. Mentor the Mentor connected Ulster Bank directly with the Millennium Forum’s youth market.

Ulster Bank’s investment helped contribute to professional drama facilitation of up to 40 young people, who in turn put on a display to entertain Ulster Bank customers in branch which was really well received. They shared their tips on dealing with performance nerves and how to prepare for presentations and auditions.  This project engaged the business community with local arts in an informative and entertaining way – It even recruited a few back stage volunteers from Ulster Bank to help out with our Youth Musical.  So as well as developing new markets, increasing brand awareness, Mentor the Mentor help build staff engagement.

Ulster Bank A&B NI Millennium Forum Partnership - Mentor the Mentor